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Character Role Analysis


Macon Dead is now smitten with his son, Milkman, but that wasn’t always the case. When Milkman was a baby, his father wanted him dead. His father did not want to bring forth another child by means of a woman who, to him, was tainted and disgusting. After Milkman hits his father, his father doesn’t threaten or scare him as much anymore, but he’s still a magnanimous presence in Milkman’s life, one who dominates the Dead house.


We love Guitar. He’s our hero’s best friend. But he’s also the one who wants to kill Milkman, who tries to kill Milkman, so we can’t love him too much. Or can we? We don’t know! Guitar wants Milkman’s life, sees in Milkman everything that is twisted and unjust in his society.