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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon


by Toni Morrison

Macon Dead, Jr. (Milkman) Timeline and Summary

  • Milkman is the first black child born in Mercy Hospital.
  • Ruth stops breastfeeding Milkman when he’s four years old. He gets his nickname at this same time.
  • Milkman pees on Lena.
  • Milkman gets picked on in school.
  • Milkman meets Guitar.
  • Milkman meets his bootlegging aunt, Pilate.
  • Milkman falls in love with Hagar’s booty.
  • Milkman and Guitar try to get beers at Mary’s.
  • Milkman develops a strut.
  • Guitar takes Milkman to all of the greatest parties.
  • Milkman hits his father.
  • Macon tells Milkman the "truth" about his mother’s incestuous tendencies.
  • Milkman tries to find Guitar, and finds himself on a sidewalk where he’s going the exact opposite of everyone else.
  • Milkman tells Guitar the news about his mom.
  • Milkman hangs out at Honoré Island.
  • Milkman dates other girls.
  • Milkman breaks up with Hagar.
  • Milkman is hunted by Hagar.
  • Milkman and Guitar fight.
  • Milkman follows his mom to her father’s cemetery late one night.
  • Macon tells Milkman to steal Pilate’s gold.
  • Milkman and Guitar steal Pilate’s "gold."
  • Milkman and Guitar are arrested.
  • Macon and Pilate bail Milkman and Guitar out of jail.
  • Milkman sleeps in.
  • Milkman takes a bath.
  • Milkman tries to find Guitar, and sees the Seven Days in action.
  • Milkman tells Macon that Corinthians is dating Henry Porter.
  • Lena yells at Milkman.
  • Milkman takes a plane and a bus to Danville.
  • Milkman meets Reverend Cooper and stays at his house for four days.
  • Milkman goes to the Butler house and meets Circe.
  • Milkman finds the cave, but no gold.
  • Milkman eats cheeseburgers.
  • Milkman helps a man lift a crate onto a dolly.
  • Milkman catches a bus to Virginia.
  • Milkman stops in several towns in Virginia, asking the locals where the town of "Charlemagne" is.
  • Milkman’s car breaks down in Shalimar.
  • Milkman drinks a soda and insults the locals.
  • Milkman gets into a knife fight with a toothless man and gets a little bloody.
  • Milkman is invited hunting.
  • Milkman takes a nap in his car.
  • Milkman goes hunting.
  • Milkman is exhausted, and sits down by a tree.
  • Guitar tries to kill Milkman, but Milkman scares him away with his shotgun.
  • Milkman helps the hunting party skin the bobcat.
  • Milkman takes the heart of the bobcat.
  • Milkman meets Sweet.
  • Milkman meets Susan Byrd and Grace Long.
  • Milkman encounters Guitar.
  • Milkman hears the Shalimar children sing a song about his family.
  • Milkman returns to Susan Byrd’s to get more information about his family.
  • Milkman goes skinny dipping with Sweet.
  • Milkman returns home, and goes straight to Pilate’s house.
  • Pilate breaks a bottle over Milkman’s head and locks him in the cellar.
  • Milkman tells Pilate about what he learned down south.
  • Milkman returns home with Hagar’s hair.
  • Milkman drives Pilate to Shalimar.
  • Milkman and Pilate bury Jake’s bones.
  • Milkman cradles Pilate’s dying body.
  • Milkman sings to Pilate.
  • Milkman calls to Guitar.
  • Milkman jumps off the rock.