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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon


by Toni Morrison

Pilate Dead Timeline and Summary

  • Pilate’s mother dies before she is born.
  • Pilate lives and works on Lincoln’s farm with her father and brother.
  • Pilate watches her father get shot and sees him die slowly.
  • Pilate and Macon run to Circe’s house.
  • Pilate and Macon stay at Circe’s house for two weeks.
  • Pilate misses her wild cherry jam.
  • Pilate pierces her ear.
  • Pilate and Macon leave Circe’s house.
  • Pilate and Macon see their father’s ghost everywhere.
  • Pilate and Macon sleep in a cave.
  • Pilate watches her brother kill a white man in the cave.
  • Pilate fights her brother who wants to steal the gold in the cave.
  • Pilate chases her brother out of the cave and stays there for one night.
  • Pilate finds room and board with a preacher and his wife.
  • Pilate does well in school, especially in geography.
  • The preacher starts flirting with Pilate.
  • Pilate leaves the preacher’s house.
  • Pilate joins a group of migrant farm workers and picks beans in New York.
  • Pilate starts dating one of the farm workers, until he notices she doesn’t have a bellybutton.
  • Pilate is expelled from the group and is given lots of money as she goes.
  • Pilate joins another group of migrant workers.
  • Again, she takes a lover.
  • Again, the group finds out she doesn’t have a bellybutton.
  • Again, Pilate is abandoned.
  • Pilate finds work as a washerwoman.
  • Pilate catches a wagon down to Virginia.
  • Pilate washes clothes at a hotel.
  • Pilate moves to an island where a community of farming families dwell.
  • Pilate takes a lover, but makes sure he doesn’t see her belly button.
  • Pilate has a baby.
  • Pilate goes to pick up her father’s bones in the cave.
  • Pilate returns and lives on the island for two more years.
  • Pilate roams from town to town, and from state to state.
  • Pilate has a grandchild, Hagar.
  • Hagar is prissy, so Pilate decides to go in search of her brother and his extended family.
  • Macon kicks Pilate out of his house.
  • Pilate establishes a bootlegging business on Darling Street.
  • Pilate helps Ruth get pregnant.
  • Pilate helps Ruth keep Milkman alive in the womb.
  • Pilate meets Milkman.
  • Pilate helps bail Milkman and Guitar out of jail.
  • Pilate tells Macon, Milkman, and Guitar what happened the day she and her brother split.
  • Pilate talks to Ruth.
  • Pilate tries to save Hagar.
  • Pilate grieves Hagar.
  • Pilate breaks a bottle over Milkman’s head.
  • Pilate goes to Shalimar with Milkman.
  • Pilate buries her father on Solomon’s Leap.
  • Pilate places her snuffbox earring on her father’s grave.
  • Pilate gets shot.
  • Pilate asks Milkman to take care of Reba for her.
  • Pilate wishes she could have loved more people.
  • Pilate asks Milkman to sing.
  • Pilate dies staring at something beyond Milkman’s shoulder.
  • A bird swoops down a grabs her snuffbox earring.