Song of Solomon
Song of Solomon
by Toni Morrison
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Song of Solomon The Supernatural Quotes Page 4

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Jesus! Here he was walking around in the middle of the twentieth century trying to explain what a ghost had done. But why not? he thought. One fact was certain: Pilate did not have a navel. Since that was true, anything could be, and why not ghosts as well? (2.12.294)

You took the words right out of our mouth, Milkman! You’re not the only one trying to explain what a ghost has done. In this moment we realize that Pilate’s belly button is the one fact we are absolutely certain of in this novel that proves that supernatural things are definitely possible. Her lack of a belly button functions kind of like 3D glasses function when watching a 3D movie. Pilate’s navellessness makes us throw all rules and laws out the window, and allows us to see beyond the boring 2D world that we know so well. And boy, is it exciting.

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