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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon


by Toni Morrison

Song of Solomon Visions of America Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

In 1936 there were very few among them who lived as well as Macon Dead. (1.2.32)

Again, we realize how few affluent black Americans there were in America at this time. American society’s structure and systems prevent black Americans from escaping poverty.

Quote #2

"Ain’t but two toilets downtown they let colored in: Mayflower Restaurant and Sears." (1.2.46)

While we readers predominantly dwell in the black community of Not Doctor Street, we hear stories of segregation, the separating of Americans of color and white Americans based solely on skin color.

Quote #3

"Don’t nobody want no cheap home brew. The Depression’s over," Hagar said. "Everybody got to work now. They can afford to buy Four Roses." (1.2.48)

We get a glimpse of American society here, seeing that while the country has risen out of great economic depression, there are still large pockets of American society that live in abject poverty.

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