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In Practice

Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) Theological Point Of View In Practice

Getting Biblical in Daily Life

Songs of Songs is a theological toughie. And not in the same way The Book of Job is. When we finish reading Job, we're left asking tough questions like why do good things happen to bad people? When we finish reading Song of Songs, on the other hand, we're left asking, "um, was that seriously just love poetry in the Bible?"

For millennia, scholars and thinkers and regular ol' Mo Shmoes have been trying to figure out what Song of Songs is really about. But is it possible that it's about exactly what it appears to be about? Yep, we're talking about love.

Love poetry has been around forever: the Egyptians were writing it, the Mesopotamians were writing it, and the Romans were writing it. So it's not a stretch to think that the Biblical writers were on the job, too. In fact, Song of Songs was written around 200-100 BCE, not too long before our friend Catullus got around to waxing poetic about love.

Bottom line: we can spend a lot of time and even more brain power thinking about the deeper meaning behind Song of Songs, but we can't really be sure if any of it is what the authors actually intended. One thing we do know: this is one heck of a love poem. So much so that it made its way into the Good Book. Now that's a winner.

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