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Song of Solomon (Song of Songs)

Song of Solomon (Song of Songs)

Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) Chapters 1:9-2:7 Summary

Time for a Chat

  • Forget their families—the Shulamite bride and her lover are really into each other. They exchange loving words of admiration (i.e., sweet nothings) and envision their lives together.
  • Again, they get really fancy with how they describe their love, likening it to a strongly built house of cedar and pine (1:17).
  • The important thing to remember here is that these two lovebirds are focused on imagery that illustrates, "my love is seriously awesome."
  • Natural images are a favorite of these lovers. They describe their love as "a cluster of henna blossoms in the vineyards of En-gedi [an oasis]" (1:14) and "a lily among brambles" (22:1). We're not sure we've ever seen a bramble before, but it sounds nice.

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