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Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Why do the bride and the groom love each other? Is it because they're both total hotties? Or is there a more emotional element to it?
  2. What are the terms of their love? Is there a marriage contract or vow-writing session in the text?
  3. What is preventing the bride from marrying the groom? Are they doomed to be apart forever?
  4. Where is God in this text? Why is he so noticeably absent?
  5. What are the lovers' favorite activities? What does this tell us about the culture they live in?
  6. Do these songs sound like they could be sung at weddings, or are they meant to be read quietly before bedtime?
  7. Is the expression of love here general, or is it specific to the bride and the groom? Could we apply this stuff to any couple?
  8. What is the role of repetition in the text? What effect does it have on you as a reader?
  9. Does the book have a narrative structure, or does it seem more like a collection of poems? 
  10. How does the book fit in with the other narratives in the Bible? And why on earth is this book in the Bible?

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