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Sonnet 133

Sonnet 133


by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 133: How Many Love Cliches Does it Take to Write a Sonnet? True or False

1. In Sonnet 133, wounded hearts are metaphors for what? -> the emotional pain of being in a love triangle
2. Why does the speaker accuse his mistress of making his friend a "slave to slavery"? -> the speaker thinks his friend is totally whipped and his mistress has all the power in the relationship
3. What does the speaker mean when he says "prison my heart in thy steel bosom's ward"? -> he feels like a prisoner to love and thinks his mistress is cold and harsh
4. The "cruel eye" mentioned in line 5 refers to what? -> the "cruel" mistress, who's good at shooting our speaker dirty looks
5. The "heart" that "groan[s]" at line 1 is an example of what? -> personification