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Sonnet 137 Resources


Get Your Fresh, Hot Sonnets

This internet archive features the complete texts of all of Shakespeare’s sonnets.


Sonnet 137, the Music Video

Somebody apparently put the sonnet to music. And made a video for it. The waves-breaking-on-the-shore imagery kind of seems to miss the point of the whole "anchored in the bay where all men ride" idea—but maybe that’s just us.

Stills from 1609

Here's a video with photos of an original manuscript of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Shakespeare on an iPad

Here's a cool take on the typical reading video.


A Very British Reading

Here's a competent reading, in an appropriate accent no less.

Bertram Selwyn Reads

Great voice, but for some strange reason he changes "ride" to "die" in line 6.


Cupid's Target Practice

This image of the "blind fool, Love" comes from Sandro Botticelli’s painting La Primavera.

Blindfolded Cupid Aiming At Renaissance Lady

This Renaissance illustration shows that Cupid’s arrow could strike women as well as men.

A Portrait of Shakespeare Painted From Life?

Check out the "Sanders Portrait," which some people believe may be a portrait of Shakespeare painted during his lifetime.

Shakespeare, Aged 14?

British police sketch-artist lady uses computer to create image of what Shakespeare might have looked like as a teenager. Cool.

Historical Documents

Title Page of First Edition of Sonnets

Scroll down to get an image of the first edition of the Sonnets, along with a discussion of its mysterious dedication.


The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, by Helen Vendler

This accessible poem-by-poem commentary by one of America’s leading poetry critics is essential reading on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Highly recommended by Shmoop.

Nothing Like The Sun, by Anthony Burgess

The world-famous author of A Clockwork Orange takes on the mystery of Shakespeare’s love-life. A fictional imagining of the life behind the sonnets.

Movies & TV

Sonnets in the City

This documentary follows a group of New York acting students as they explore 15 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Battle of Wills

This documentary film tells the story of a newly discovered portrait thought to be the only portrait of Shakespeare painted from life.

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