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Sonnet 146

Sonnet 146


by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 146: The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out True or False

1. What does the Speaker mean when he asks his soul "Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth"? -> He wants to know why his soul doesn't want his body to have an extra slice of pizza
2. Why does the Speaker call worms the "inheritors" of the body's "excess"? -> The Speaker is dying because he has a tape worm
3. What does the Speaker mean when he says "Within be fed, without be rich no more"? -> Always donate money to help feed the poor
4. Why does the Speaker say "So thou shalt feed on death"? -> He thinks death can be destroyed when a soul lives eternally in heaven
5. What does the Speaker means when he says "death" usually "feeds on men"? -> The human body is mortal—it's going to die eventually