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Love Sonnet 17

Love Sonnet 17


by Pablo Neruda

Love Sonnet 17 Resources


The Dish on Pablo

Here's some more info on our poet. Interesting dude.

Nobel Prize for Awesomeness

Check out some more Pablo gems from the Nobel Prize website.

"Love Sonnet 17" and other poems

Here's a nice translation of "Love Sonnet 17," along with an extensive list of Neruda's other works. Shmoop has our work cut out for us.

Home Sweet Home

This is the website (en español!) for the home where Neruda and Matilde (the addressee of "Love Sonnet 17") spent most of their time.


All Neruda, All the Time

Check out the first part of a six-part documentary about Neruda on YouTube.

Bilingual Poetry Reading

Watch as a man and woman recite the poem in Spanish and English.

Break Out the Tissues

Robin Williams recites "Love Sonnet 17" at a grave site in Patch Adams.


Put to Music

Here's one young woman's interpretation of the poem, set to music. Thank you, YouTube!

Celebrity Reading

Tony Award-winning actress Joanna Gleason puts her own spin on the sonnet.

En Español

There sure are a lot of women reading this poem (this time in Spanish). How does this change your experience of the poem?

One More Time

This time we have a man reciting the poem. Which do you prefer?


Neruda and His Lady

Here's a picture of Neruda with the woman who inspired him to write 100 Love Sonnets.

The Thinker

This is an older Neruda, looking pensive.

His Best Sherlock Holmes Impression

Neruda is shown here with his trademark pipe.

Casa de Isla Negra

This is the home that Neruda built to look like a ship. Nicely done.


The Postman

In this Italian film, Pablo Neruda helps a postman win the heart of the woman he loves – through poetry!

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