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Sonnet 29 Resources


The Amazing Website of Shakespeare's Sonnets

It really is amazing, this website. Read all 154 sonnets online, browse the picture gallery, and pick up boatloads of nifty facts about Shakespeare's work.


Everything you ever wanted to know about our favorite codpiece wearing poet. Plus, we hook you up with links to other study guides, videos, pictures, and more.

Cool iPad App: The Sonnets by William Shakespeare

If you've got an iPad, you're in luck. Touchpress has got a really cool app that lets you get crazy interactive with the sonnets.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

This has tons of info on Will Shakespeare and a zillion links to other great websites.


Sonnet 29 as a Short Film? Yes, Please.

This cool video sets the poem in contemporary London. It's part of a 2003 BBC Two series called "Essential Poems (To Fall in Love With)," which has been described as a "visual anthology of poetry."

Daniel McCall Reads Sonnet 29 (Favorite Poem Project)

Grab a box of Kleenex for this one. Anthropologist Daniel McCall reads the poem and talks about what it has meant to him throughout his lifetime. This is featured in the "Favorite Poem Project," from the Library of Congress and Boston University.

Iambic Pentameter Rap

Here's a hilarious video of a teacher rapping about Shakespeare's iambic pentameter in iambic pentameter. Word up.

The "Godfather" Reads Sonnet 29

Actor Al Pacino reads the poem. Check it out on YouTube.

Sonnet 29... the Rock Concert

American-Canadian singer Rufus Wainright is famous for rocking out Sonnet 29. Check it out, compliments of YouTube.

Sonnet 29 in American Sign Language

Pretty cool, don't you think?


Free LibriVox Short Poetry Collection

LibriVox has got Sonnet 29 and it's absolutely free.


Sonnet 29 on a T-Shirt

Come on. You know you want one....

1609 Title Page

Check out the original title page of SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS.

The Wheel of Fortune

No. Not the game show. This is the wheel that determines the fate of men when the Goddess of Fortune gives it spin (alluded to in line 1 of this sonnet).

Articles and Interviews

NPR Podcast: "Shall I Encode Thee In DNA? Sonnets Stored On Double Helix"

Some British scientists have stored all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets on tiny stretches of DNA. Sweet! They came up with the idea while hanging out at a pub.

NPR Podcast: "Revisiting Shakespeare's Sonnets with Peter O'Toole"

Actor Peter O'Toole talks about his love of the sonnets and even recites Sonnet 130. (But then he forgets the final couplet. Oops!)


Shakespeare's Sonnets (2000)

This one's edited by famous Shakespeare scholar Harold Bloom and gives a solid, overall introduction to the sonnets.

The Sonnets (2008)

This one's edited by famous Shakespeare scholar Harold Bloom and gives a solid, overall introduction to the sonnets.

Shakespeare's Sonnets

The Folger Shakespeare Library has a nice edition that includes an introduction to each sonnet with some helpful notes. Check it out, compliments of GoogleBooks.

Movies & TV

A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and his Sonnets (2005)

This one's pretty cool. The made-for-television drama from the BBC explores the circumstances that may have led Shakespeare to write the sonnets.

Shakespeare's Sonnets (2012)

A boatload of famous actors perform the sonnets—available on DVD.

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