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Sonnet 60

Sonnet 60


by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 60 Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Form and Meter

Shakespeare's Sonnet 60 is… a Shakespearean sonnet. We'll resist the urge to say duh. Let's start with the sonnet part. The most basic thing you need to know about the sonnet form is that it refe...


The speaker of Sonnet 60 seems pretty bummed out. From the very beginning of the poem, with its imagery of the waves endlessly moving forwards to dash themselves to pieces on the shore, all the way...


In one sense, Shakespeare's poem doesn't really have a setting. The speaker never tells you that he is standing in a particular place, or living at a particular time. But the speaker's mind does ta...

What's Up With the Title?

Technically speaking, Shakespeare's "Sonnet 60" doesn't have a title; we just know it by its numbered position in a series. As for the title of the book it comes from, it's somewhat unusual as well...

Calling Card

Like many of Shakespeare's sonnets—and like moments in his great tragedies as well—Sonnet 60 reveals a disillusioned, harsh view of human life, and holds out no hope of an afterlife. Sorry, Shm...


The toughest thing in Shakespeare's Sonnet 60 is its high-octane language. Especially in quatrain 2, he mixes metaphors with more crazy energy than a competitive bartender mixes drinks. Aside from...


For centuries, readers of Shakespeare's Sonnets have been scratching their heads over the book's dedication, which reads as follows: "To the onlie begetter of / these insuing sonnets Mr. W. H. all...

Steaminess Rating

There's no sex in this poem to speak of—unless references to the natural processes of reproduction count. With all that agricultural imagery, there's got to be room for the birds and the bees in...


Job 1:21 (8)

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