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Sonnet 60 Resources


Selected Poetry of William Shakespeare

Representative Poetry Online features the complete texts of all of Shakespeare's sonnets, if that's a rabbit hole you want to go down.


Sonnet 60 by oogaFilms

This short video adaptation of the poem features reading of Sonnet 60 complete with visuals that interpret it. Deep stuff for all you budding filmmakers out there

William Shakespeare: Sonnet 60

Check out this awesome line-by-line animated interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 60.


British Accent for a British Poem

A stodgy, traditional reading of the poem, complete with the text so you can be sure to follow along.

Rock Filarmonica Oradea Rocks Out to Sonnet 60

Three generations of sensitive dudes perform a musical setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet 60. How jealous are you of their outfits?


Death Armed With A Scythe

This image, likely from the 16th century, illustrates the imagery of Line 12 of Shakespeare's Sonnet 60: "And nothing stands but for his [i.e. Time's] scythe to mow." So in Shakespeare's mind, time = Death? Maybe.

Video Of People Scything

Ever wanted to see a scythe in action? Shmoop is all about wish fulfillment.

A Portrait of Shakespeare Painted From Life?

Some people believe the Sanders Portrait is a portrait of Shakespeare painted during his lifetime. But, alas, no one can prove it. So as many other things with Big Willy, it remains a mystery.

Historical Documents

Title Page of First Edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Scroll down to get an image of the first edition of the Sonnets, along with a discussion of its mysterious dedication.

Shakespeare's Signature

Check out Shakespeare's John Hancocks, some of which are from his last will and testament. Hey Willy, what did you leave Shmoop?


The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets, by Helen Vendler

This accessible poem-by-poem commentary by one of America's leading poetry critics is essential reading on Shakespeare's Sonnets. Shmoop highly recommends it if you fancy yourself a Big Willy scholar.

Shakespeare's Sonnets: Edited with an Analytic Commentary, by Stephen Booth

This volume and its vast commentary is the most detailed attempt to come to grips with (nearly) every single word in Shakespeare's sonnet collection. Chances are, if you have a question about Sonnet 60, this book's got your back.

Nothing Like The Sun, by Anthony Burgess

The world-famous author of A Clockwork Orange takes on the mystery of Shakespeare's love-life. Just like Shakespeare In Love gave us the (untrue) story behind Romeo and Juliet, this one's a fictional imagining of the life behind the sonnets.

Movies and TV

Sonnets in the City, 2009

This fascinating documentary follows a group of New York acting students as they explore 15 of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Battle of Wills

For an awesome documentary film about a newly discovered portrait thought to be the only portrait of Shakespeare painted from life, check out this recent flick.

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