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Sonnet 73 Resources


The Amazing Shakespeare's Sonnets

The title says it all. But we will add that this site's got some awesome notes that will help you make the most of the poems.

Shmoop Snoops Shakespeare

Get the scoop on the ultimate author with our handy biography.


Analyze This (Sonnet)

A couple of older gents (who probably are all too familiar with this sonnet's sentiments) give us the inside-scoop on the meaning of the poem.

Sonnet 73, Imagined

Here's a beautifully imagined video with text and images to enhance your understanding. How might you visualize this poem?


"That Time of Year..."

Listen to the poem in Brit-speak. We bet it's better than you even imagined.


Shakey's Statue

Many folks believe that this bust of Shakespeare, which sits near his tomb, is about as close as we're ever gonna get to knowing what the man looked like in real life.

Sonnet 73 as it Was Meant to Be

Here it is, folks, in its native habitat.


The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works

If you've gotta have it all, here's where to get it.

Shakespeare's Sonnets: Edited with an Analytic Commentary, by Stephen Booth

This volume and its vast commentary is the most detailed attempt to come to grips with (nearly) every single word in Shakespeare's Sonnet collection. Because, why not?

Movies and TV

Sonnets in the City

This 2009 documentary flick follows a group of New York acting students as they explore 15 of Shakespeare's Sonnets while working on their craft.

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