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Analysis: Tough-o-Meter

(4) Base Camp

Forsooth! The trickiest think about Sonnet 75 is its language. There are some weird words like "'twixt" and "pine," and "surfeit." There's also some weird grammar, like the whole "peace of you" idea in line 4, and the way some key words seem to be missing from line 14. Also, the angry and frustrated emotions of the poem, combined the author's avoidance of traditionally "beautiful" poetic language (aside from lines 1 and 2, that is) might keep some readers at arm's length. Still, we think that the frustrations and confusions of love need to be represented just as much as the happy stuff. Thus, even though this sonnet may be harder to get into than some of the more famous ones, we think it is still well worth the effort.

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