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Sonnet 94
Sonnet 94
by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 94 Hypocrisy Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

They that have pow'r to hurt, and will do none,
That do not do the thing they most do show, (1-2)

Okay so here's a question: if you have the power to hurt, do you have an obligation to show it? You know, so that people will know what they're getting themselves into?

Quote #2

Who moving others are themselves as stone, (3)

Here we get another example of the powerful people's hypocrisy. Isn't it creepy to think about somebody who can "move" other people emotionally, but remains cold, "as stone" on the inside? Sounds like an evil villain to Shmoop.

Quote #3

Unmovèd, cold, and to temptation slow— (4)

Is the description purely negative? Isn't the ability to resist "temptation" a good thing? It looks like Shakespeare doesn't want to give us any easy answers, but at least this line reminds us that these powerful people have some good traits, despite the fact that they've got the power to hurt us.

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