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Sonnet 94 Resources


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Pretty self-explanatory, right?


Chatting it Up

These professors profess their love for the sonnets, all for your viewing pleasure. It's like a free college class, from the comfort of your own home.


#94 They that have power…

Take a listen to this powerful reading of Sonnet 94.


A Portrait of Shakespeare Painted From Life?

Check out the "Sanders Portrait," which some people believe may be a portrait of Shakespeare painted during his lifetime.


Just in case you were wondering what those "lilies" from Line 14 might look like (before they "fester," that is).

Historical Documents

Title Page of First Edition of Sonnets

Scroll down to travel back in time and get an image of the first edition of the Sonnets, along with a discussion of its mysterious dedication.


The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets, by Helen Vendler

This accessible poem-by-poem commentary by one of America's leading poetry critics is a must-read for any of you budding sonneteers out there. Highly recommended by Shmoop.

Shakespeare's Sonnets: Edited with an Analytic Commentary, by Stephen Booth

This volume and its vast commentary is the most detailed attempt to come to grips with (nearly) every single word in Shakespeare's Sonnet collection. Yep, that's a tall order all right.

Some Versions of Pastoral, by William Empson

This classic of 20th century literary criticism has a lengthy chapter on Sonnet 94, which draws some neat parallels between this poem and Shakespeare's plays.

Movies & TV

Sonnets in the City

This documentary follows a group of New York acting students as they explore 15 of Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Battle of Wills

This documentary film tells the story of a newly discovered portrait thought to be the only portrait of Shakespeare painted from life.

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