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Sonny's Blues

Sonny's Blues


by James Baldwin

Sonny's Blues Resources


PBS "American Masters" Biography

Baldwin's life and writing are explored in this PBS website and documentary.

Ken Burns' "Jazz"

Burns is a documentary filmmaker who did an amazing series on the history of jazz.  This website accompanies the PBS series.

Movie or TV Productions

"Sonny's Blues"

A short film was made out of the story in 2001.


Paris Review Interview

Check out this fascinating interview with Baldwin in which he discusses his writing, his personal life, his ideas about race, and other authors.

Letter from Baldwin to his Nephew (also named James)

This is a really touching letter from Baldwin to his brother's son

"Am I Blue?"

These are the lyrics to the song Sonny plays in the club at the end of the story.


Louis Armstrong

This is a great video of Louis Armstrong playing in London. (He's the musician Sonny doesn't like.)

Charlie Parker

A very cool video of Charlie Parker (the musician Sonny <em>does</em> like) during a recording session.

James Baldwin Interview

A fascinating interview with Baldwin in his 50s. (And check out the interviewer's awesome glasses!)

"Am I Blue?"

Listen to Billie Holiday singing "Am I Blue?" (Accompanied by an odd music video.)


James Baldwin

We just really like this picture of Baldwin!

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