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Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers


by David Herbert (D.H.) Lawrence

 Table of Contents

Sons and Lovers Characters

Meet the Cast

Paul Morel

His Mother's SonAt first, it looks like this book is going to be William Morel this, William Morel that. But hey, the guy drops dead pretty early in the plot, which leaves us with the question of w...

Gertrude Morel

Oh, Wife is MeWhat more is there to life than a fairy tale happily ever after? Wait, don't answer that. First, take a moment to consider how many options there were for early-20th-century British w...

Miriam Leivers

The Emo Idea-LoverMiriam, Miriam, Miriam (we're shaking our heads here). What can we say about Miriam? Well, for starters, she's a very innocent and spiritual person. She also thinks deep down that...

Clara Dawes

Rebel With(out) a CauseAt first, Clara comes across as a hard feminist who, if she'd been born a few decades later, might've burned a lot of bras. She's got an estranged husband named Baxter, but i...

Walter Morel

Blame it on the Al-al-al-al-al-alcoholAt first, Mr. Morel doesn't seem like such a bad guy. In fact, we totally get why Gertrude falls in love with him. He's got a serious zest for life. He's into...

Baxter Dawes

To put it simply, Baxter has pretty much no role in this book until the final hundred pages. Baxter isn't a bright guy, and his bad temper has lost him his wife, his job, his friends, and his healt...

Annie Morel

Ain't Much to Sister AnnieSister Annie can be pretty tough to pin down. The narrator never gives a whole lot to go on with this girl. We do know that, from a young age, Annie's a "tomboy and a 'fly...

William Morel

It's not all that hard to picture William in this story. He's the all-state quarterback of the Morel family. The oldest son, tall and muscular, bounding into the house and clapping you on the back....

Arthur Morel

Plucky little Arthur doesn't have a huge role in this book, but he's a pretty interesting cat. He's the youngest of the Morel children, and probably the most like Walter. As the narrator informs us...
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