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Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers


by David Herbert (D.H.) Lawrence

Sons and Lovers: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who is this "he" in this quote: "'Like a moudiwarp!' he laughed. 'Yi, an' there's some chaps as does go round like moudiwarps'" (1.102)? -> Leonard
2. Who says "No, my duck, because you don't think yourself a fine figure in marble and us nothing but dirt. I'm as good as you, aren't I, Paul" (10.272)? -> Clara
3. Who says "Margaret Bonford! […] She's a great deal cleverer than most men" (9.189)? -> Arthur
4. Who says "Yes […] the photograph of Louie is very striking, and I can see she must be attractive. But do you think, my boy, it was very good taste of a girl to give her young man that photo to send to his mother—the first?" (5.216)? -> Baxter Dawes
5. Who says "Nonsense or not, she [Lily] has! That's what confirmation means for her—a bit of a theatrical show where she can cut a figure" (6.331)? -> Edgar Leivers