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Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers


by David Herbert (D.H.) Lawrence

Sons and Lovers Resources


Nottinghamshire: Famous Home of D.H. Lawrence

If you ever visit England, make sure to check out the area that inspired so much of Lawrence's writing.

He's So Famous, He Shows Up All Over This Website

The University of Nottinghamshire dedicates a whole portion of its website to Lawrence. We're not surprised.

For Those North American Lovers of D.H. Lawrence

Good to see Lawrence getting a lot of love across the pond from his home country.


Sons and Lovers (1960 Feature Film)

This Academy Award-winning adaptation of Lawrence's novel came out the same year that England lifted its ban on Lawrence's other novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Sons and Lovers (2003 TV Series)

If you're looking for a more modern screen adaptation, this one's for you, Shmoopers.


Interviews with the Author

Fortunately, there are some really great Lawrence interviews out there. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to order this book to check them out.

Guardian Review from 1913 Not So Hot on Sons and Lovers

Here's a review of Sons and Lovers that appeared in the British Guardian newspaper shortly after the book's publication. We think it's a pretty interesting read.

"The Compulsive Mother in D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers"

Yes, the title of this article is talking about Mrs. Morel. And yes, it's pretty much dead-on.


The Search for D.H. Lawrence

Our good friends over at The University of Nottingham have provided us with this nice little piece about D.H. Just click the link, and go on an adventure with us.

Top 10

Here's a little video outlining Lawrence's Top 10 quotes. And we know how you love quotes.

Animated D.H. Lawrence Reading of the Poem "The Mess of Love"

This video is totally creepy, but the subject matter of the poem is pretty apropos for any discussion of Sons and Lovers.


Amazing Reading of D.H. Lawrence's Poem "The Ship of Death"

This old man has some mad poetry reading skillz.

"Bavarian Gentians"

This version of the poem is set to classical music… for a touch of class, you know.

"Piano" with a Piano

Get this, the poem is called "Piano" and the reading is set to a piano. Pretty clever, right?

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