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The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury


by William Faulkner

Benjy Compson Timeline and Summary

  • Benjy waits for Caddy by the gate.
  • He watches as Caddy muddies her drawers.
  • On the same night, he watches as Caddy climbs up into a tree to watch Damuddy’s funeral. Caddy comes down from the tree smelling like trees.
  • Benjy is told that his name is no longer Maury – it’s Benjy.
  • He listens as Caddy and Dilsey discuss his name change.
  • Benjy goes with Caddy to deliver a letter from Uncle Maury to Mrs. Patterson.
  • Later, he tries to deliver a letter on his own. Mr. Patterson catches him.
  • Mrs. Patterson gets angry at Benjy and sends him away in a rage.
  • When Benjy returns home, Uncle Maury hits him.
  • Caddy uses perfume, and Benjy notices that she doesn’t smell like trees anymore.
  • He gets upset, pushing her and screaming.
  • Realizing why Benjy’s upset, Caddy gives her perfume to Dilsey.
  • Benjy finds Caddy in the swing with a boy.
  • He starts to bellow; the boy makes fun of him. Caddy runs away with Benjy, angry that the boy was mocking Benjy.
  • She promises Benjy that she’ll wash her mouth out with soap and never kiss boys again.
  • Benjy has to sleep all by himself. He’s been told that he’s too old to sleep with Caddy.
  • He starts bellowing; Caddy comes in and sleeps with him.
  • Benjy drinks sassprilluh at Caddy’s wedding.
  • The world starts to spin, which makes him really, really unhappy.
  • Quentin comes in and finds him, then gets angry at T.P. for getting Benjy drunk.
  • Caddy leaves.
  • Benjy runs along the gate every day, waiting for Caddy to come home.
  • One day, he finds the gate open just as a group of girls walks past.
  • The girls come up to him, thinking the gate is closed.
  • He reaches out to them, "trying to say."
  • The girls freak out. Benjy is castrated as a result.
  • Benjy sees Miss Quentin down at the swing with the man in the red tie.
  • He thinks she might be Caddy.
  • Quentin gets furious and lashes out at Dilsey for allowing Benjy out.
  • Benjy and Luster search for Luster’s missing quarter by the golf course.
  • Whenever Benjy hears the word "caddie," he begins to moan.
  • Dilsey takes Benjy to church.
  • At church, people talk about a white man being in a black church. Dilsey tells Frony to ignore them.
  • Benjy and Mrs. Compson get ready to go to the graveyard to visit Quentin and Mr. Compson.
  • Mrs. Compson decides not to go; Luster drives Benjy alone.
  • Luster decides to have some fun: he whips the horse and starts trotting towards the town center.
  • Once they get to the center of town, Luster takes the carriage the wrong way.
  • See, Benjy’s used to the carriage moving clockwise around the square.
  • Today, though, it goes counter-clockwise.
  • Benjy freaks out.
  • He stands up in the carriage and begins to bellow.
  • Jason sees the carriage and comes running over. He’s furious at Luster.
  • Jason turns the carriage around.
  • As soon as it’s going the "right" way, Benjy calms down.
  • He watches the shapes flowing in the same order that they always do.