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The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury


by William Faulkner

Caddy Compson Timeline and Summary

  • Caddy un-snags Benjy’s shirt.
  • They crawl through the fence together, Caddy guiding Benjy all the way.
  • Caddy tells Benjy to keep his hands in his pockets. It’s cold out.
  • It’s also Christmas. As Caddy says, no one wants to be hand-less on Christmas day.
  • Uncle Maury wants Caddy and Benjy to deliver a letter to one of his lovers, Mrs. Patterson. It’s a Christmas present.
  • Benjy’s in the water with Caddy when Roskus comes to get them for dinner.
  • Caddy squats down and gets her dress wet.
  • Versh says that her mom will whip her for getting wet.
  • Caddy argues that she won’t get whipped.
  • After all, she’s seven. She should know.
  • Quentin, her brother, says she will. He knows more. He goes to school.
  • Declaring that she’s going to run away, Caddy says that she doesn’t care if she gets whipped or not.
  • Caddy tells Frony and T.P. that everyone has to mind her the night Damuddy dies.
  • Caddy wants to see what’s going on in the main house.
  • She gets Versh to boost her up into the tree.
  • Benjy watches as Caddy’s muddy drawers disappear up into the tree.
  • Frony whispers up to Caddy to ask what she sees.
  • Caddy explains to Maury that his name’s been changed to Benjy.
  • Caddy tries to hug Benjy when she doesn’t smell like trees (she’s wearing perfume).
  • Benjy, of course, bellows.
  • Caddy can’t quite figure out what the problem is. Jason sneers at her dress, saying that Benjy’s probably bellowing because she’s become so prissy.
  • Caddy tries to get Benjy to tell her what the problem is.
  • Benjy hears water in the bathroom. When Caddy comes out, she smells like trees.
  • Caddy understands. She blames herself for not listening to Benjy. Together, the two go downstairs and give the perfume to Dilsey.
  • Caddy sits on a swing with her boyfriend, Charlie.
  • Benjy finds them and gets angry. Of course, he can’t say anything, but he bellows.
  • Charlie gets mad, too, wondering why Benjy’s allowed to roam about without anyone to look after him.
  • Caddy tries to push Charlie away. He pulls her to him.
  • Benjy notices how fast Caddy breathes.
  • Caddy breaks away from Charlie and runs with Benjy into the house.
  • She washes her mouth out with soap.
  • Caddy runs off with Dalton Ames.
  • Quentin finds Caddy down in the branch (that’s a stream, remember?).
  • She’s lying down with her legs in the water.
  • Quentin asks her over and over if she loves the man.
  • Caddy doesn’t say anything, but she puts Quentin’s hand over her heart, where he feels her blood throbbing.
  • Quentin suddenly pulls out a knife and threatens to push it into Caddy’s throat.
  • Caddy sees Dalton. She runs up to him, and Quentin sees their bodies blur together.
  • Caddy tells him to go back to the house, but Quentin says he’s going for a walk.
  • He comes back, and Caddy’s alone.
  • As they walk, Quentin pushes her to find out how she feels about her lover.
  • He threatens to kill Caddy a few times.
  • They’re both crying. Caddy insists that she’s bad.
  • Caddy gets pregnant. She leaves, then comes back with a fiancé, Herbert Head.
  • Herbert mentions to Quentin that he once thought Quentin was Caddy’s lover, not her brother. He’s all she ever talks about.
  • Herbert’s smarmy. Quentin urges Caddy not to marry Herbert: she’s sick, so she can’t marry him.
  • Caddy says she has to – otherwise, Benjy will be sent to Jackson.
  • (Jackson is where the mental institution is.)
  • Quentin asks Caddy if there have been many men for her.
  • She’s distracted; she says there have been too many, then asks him to look after Benjy again.
  • Quentin tells Caddy that he wants to run away with her and Benjy.
  • She scoffs – there’s no money. Besides that, their father is drinking himself to death.
  • Caddy gets married and leaves.
  • Soon after she has her baby, however, Herbert realizes that he’s not the father.
  • He leaves Caddy.
  • Caddy sends her daughter, Quentin, to Jefferson to be raised by her mother.
  • She sends lots of money to Quentin, but Jason steals most of it.
  • Mrs. Compson refuses to mention Caddy’s name in the house.
  • Caddy shows up at her father’s funeral.
  • No one had told her about his death – she just read it in the paper.
  • Jason notices that someone’s put expensive flowers on his father’s grave – and on Quentin’s.
  • Angry that Caddy showed up, Jason boasts that no one even speaks her name at the house.
  • Caddy offers to pay Jason fifty dollars for a sight of her daughter.
  • Jason, ever the businessman, asks for one hundred.
  • After some haggling, she agrees.
  • Jason tells her where to stand, and then he gets Quentin and the buggy.
  • When they pass Caddy, Jason whips the horses so that they fly by her.
  • Jason watches with delight as Caddy runs frantically after the buggy.
  • The next day, Caddy shows up at the store.
  • Jason’s furious. She should know better than to come into the town.
  • Caddy wants to see her baby, but Jason refuses.
  • He threatens to tell Mother she’s here if she doesn’t leave immediately.
  • Unable to do anything, Caddy leaves.
  • Jason realizes that Dilsey will probably let her into the house, so he rushes home.
  • Sure enough, she’s been there. He can tell by the way that Benjy is bawling.
  • She sends Quentin fifty dollars, which Jason takes.
  • Caddy sends Jason a letter insisting that Jason telegraph her about Quentin’s well-being.

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