The Sound and the Fury
The Sound and the Fury
by William Faulkner
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The Sound and the Fury Innocence Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Caddy smelled like trees and like when she says we were asleep. (1.38)

Caddy’s innocence is, for Benjy, a natural smell – like the trees which surround his house.

Quote #2

"I'm seven years old." Caddy said. "I guess I know."

"I'm older than that." Quentin said. "I go to school. Dont I, Versh." (1.193-4)

One of the first things we learn about Quentin is that he goes to school (which foreshadows the second chapter, when he’s at Harvard). Quentin thinks that education is the same thing as experience, but that’s one of his biggest mistakes.

Quote #3

"What's a funeral." Jason said. […]

"Where they moans." Frony said. "They moaned two days on Sis Beulah Clay." (1.402-4)

The kids’ interpretation of their grandmother’s death gets filtered through Frony’s understanding of death and funerals. She’s heard of a funeral (unlike the other children), but her definition of it is a child’s definition.

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