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The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury


by William Faulkner

The Sound and the Fury Resources

Movie or TV Productions

The Sound and the Fury, made in Sweden

Hmm. We’re guessing that it’s pretty hard to put the Compsons on the big screen. That doesn’t mean that people haven’t tried, however. Here’s one attempt.

The Sound and the Fury (2010)

This one’s in the works. It’s so new that we can’t even tell you anything about it. Check it out for yourself.

The Sound and the Fury (1950)

A TV screenplay of the book. We don’t know much about it, but the pictures of the cast have some pretty incredible hairstyles from the fifties.

The Big Sleep

OK, so you probably noticed that this isn’t The Sound and the Fury. It’s actually The Big Sleep – but we just couldn’t resist. Faulkner was a screenwriter as well as a novelist – and this is one of his big successes. Directed by Howard Hawks, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Land of the Pharaohs

Another great Faulkner flick – and by great, we mean an amazingly camp rendition of Egypt. We can’t recommend it enough.


Sound recordings of Faulkner reading
So it’s not The Sound and the Fury, but if you want to have a sense of what the guy sounded like, check these out.
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William Faulkner

What? You wanted a photo?

And if one photo of Faulkner isn’t enough…

Other than the Hitler mustache, he’s not a bad lookin’ young man.

The writer at work

Faulkner in front of his highfalutin’ technology: a typewriter.


William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Faulkner won the Nobel in 1949. He gave a pretty amazing speech. Apparently, however, he mumbled through it so quickly that no one realized just how great it was until after it came out in print the next year. Too bad he didn’t have YouTube.

Yoknapatawpha County Map

Although this map wasn’t actually published until Faulkner's novel Absalom, Absalom! came out in 1936, it clearly contains the Compson family’s home and stomping grounds.


Everything Faulkner. Seriously.

Ole Miss (that’s the University of Mississippi, in case you didn’t know) has a site with all sorts of Faulkner goodies.

Faulkner’s Big Prize

He’s a Nobel laureate. Here’s what the fine folks at the Nobel Foundation have to say about him.

So you want to write like Faulkner?

Then check out this site. It’s got other folks who feel the same way.

And if you want to fake Faulkner….

Check out the Faux Faulkner competition. It’s hilarious.

The Sound and the Fury: the Hypertext

It’s like Faulkner: the Next Generation. Check out the way that you can re-order the novel’s time all by yourself.

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