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Spanish Colonization Statistics

By the Numbers

Number of Spaniards in Spain in 1492: 6-7 million1

Number of Indians in America in 1492: 75-100 million2

Native population of the Island of Hispaniola (the island that now comprises Haiti and the Dominican Republic) in 1492: 1 million3

Native population of Hispaniola in 1500: 5004

Major plants brought to the Old World from the New: corn, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, cassava, chocolate

Major plants and animals brought to the New World from the Old: sugarcane, horses, cows, pigs, goats, bananas

Number of Missions founded in California: 21

Distance between Mission San Diego and the Mission at Sonoma: 650 miles

Number of Spaniards who emigrated from Spain to the New World between 1500-1650: 450,0005

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