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by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak Chapter 54 Summary

Our Lady of the Waiting Room

  • Melinda's skipping school again. She snoozes on the bus and misses stop at the mall. Instead she gets off at the Lady of Mercy Hospital.
  • She decides to wander around. Maybe she'll learn something useful to share with David.
  • Nobody bothers her. She likes being in the hospital, though she knows her pleasure isn't exactly healthy.
  • The people in the heart attack waiting room are grim and depressed.
  • Since the people in the maternity ward waiting room are happy, they ask Melinda too many questions.
  • The cafeteria is great. Lots of professional-looking people around.
  • After lunch, she checks out the adult surgery wing. She thinks the doctors and nurses look like they know what they're doing.
  • She sneaks a hospital gown, wishing she could put it on, climb into a hospital bed, and take a nap. Sleeping at home is getting harder and harder.
  • She sees a man on a stretcher. His neck is bandaged, and she can see the blood leaking.
  • Then Melinda puts back the gown. Compared to these people, she's not really sick. She goes to catch the bus.

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