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by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak Chapter 56 Summary


  • Melinda is put in Merryweather In-School Suspension – MISS, for short.
  • This is her "Consequence" (56.1) for skipping school.
  • She had to sign a contract. The contract lists a whole bunch of things she isn't supposed to do and what will happen to her if she does them.
  • For being late to class, she is supposed to write an essay. She doesn't want to, so she skips school and winds up in MISS.
  • In MISS, everybody is supposed to be quiet and look straight ahead.
  • Mr. Neck is here (groan) to make sure they do.
  • There are three people in MISS with her. One guy looks wild; another does not.
  • The third person in MISS with Melinda is Andy Evans. Her breakfast turns to acid.
  • She learns that Andy is in MISS because a teacher thinks he has "an authority problem" (56.7).
  • Melinda feels like a rabbit again, afraid to move.
  • We are told, "When Mr. Neck isn't looking, [Andy] blows in [Melinda's] ear" (56.11).
  • She wants to murder him.

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