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by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak Chapter 61 Summary

Bologna Exile

  • Melinda has no friends to speak of, so she eats lunch alone. To make things easier, she brings a lunch to school, usually bologna sandwiches. She sits by herself and tries to read.
  • When it's too loud to read, she watches, trying to analyze what she sees.
  • She watches Heather, Emily, Meg, and some new potential Martha that just moved here. She wonders if they talk about her, if she's the reason they are laughing so hard.
  • Rachel is sitting with Hana, an Egyptian exchange student. Rachel is learning about Islam now. She has on a head scarf and some "harem pants" (61.7).
  • Even though there are other "losers" (61.8) in the lunchroom, they eat with each other. Only Melinda is completely alone.

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