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by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak Chapter 8 Summary

Fizz Ed

  • Melinda thinks gym class should be outlawed.
  • Her locker is right next to Heather's. Heather wears an undershirt and leaves it on when she changes.
  • Nicole is the only other person in gym who Melinda knows. Nicole changes clothes in front of everybody, not caring who sees her naked.
  • Melinda thinks, "If you're [as strong as Nicole], you don't care if people make comments about your boobs or rear end" (8.3).
  • September is coming to a close, which means it's field hockey time in gym class. Field hockey means mud.
  • Nicole is awesome at field hockey and all other sports. Teachers love Nicole. She's going places. If Nicole wasn't actually a nice person, it would be easy for Melinda to "hate her" (8.7).
  • But Nicole is a nice person.
  • (It's not really clear at this point whether Nicole isn't speaking to Melinda, or whether she's just so absorbed in sports that she's forgotten about her.)

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