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by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Sample of Related History & Literature on Shmoop

  1. Maya and Melinda: Birds of a Feather?
    Laurie Halse Anderson must have definitely seen the correlations between Maya Angelou's experience and Melinda's, and just in case you want to know a little bit more, this Shmoop guide to Marguerite Ann Johnson (Maya's character in her autobiography) tells a bit about her life growing up and you, and your students, should check out the parallels. It sheds some light on the choice of Maya's picture in Melinda's closet.

  2. What does The Scarlet Letter have to do with Speak?
    Is it possible that a classic novel published in the 1800s has connections with a contemporary novel? Well, yes, and Hester and Melinda's struggles and the situations they faced are not as different as we may think. Want a little more information about Hester and her story? Check us out.