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Speaker for the Dead

Speaker for the Dead


by Orson Scott Card

 Table of Contents

Speaker for the Dead Characters

Meet the Cast

Andrew Wiggins, the Speaker for the Dead (Ender Wiggins, the Xenocide)

Ender: Live GuyWhy is Ender the Speaker for the Dead? That's simple—because he's dead himself.Now, we know what you're thinking—Ender isn't dead. Look, there he is, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...

Novinha (Ivanova Santa Catarina von Hesse)

Novinha HereNovinha kind of disappears. In the long first chapter, as a thirteen-year-old, she's very much a presence. Angry, fierce, determined, and brilliant, we see her come out of her isolation...


Jane is really annoying. She's always teasing Ender in this way that is supposed to be affectionate but is actually passive aggressive and cruel. Okay, she has trouble with human social cues, but t...

Pipo (Joao Figueira Alvarez)

Pipo is a lesser Ender, or a foreshadowing of Ender, or the Ender you get before you really get going. Like Ender, he's wise and knowing; like Ender he has an instant fatherly connection with Novin...

Miro (Marcos Vladimir Ribeira von Hesse)

Pipo is Ender before Ender, and Miro is Ender after Ender ends—as Ender gets integrated into the community, Miro gets exiled. Before Ender comes, Miro thinks he's going to marry Ouanda and live h...


"You are a human, not one of us" (16.370)—that's what Leaf-eater tells Human, and it's supposed to be an insult. Leaf-eater is saying that Human is betraying the piggies by assimilating.Human is...

Minor Characters

There are a lot of characters in Speaker for the Dead. The list below tries to corral most of them, but if one or two escape, don't say Shmoop didn't warn you.The Hive QueenThe Hive Queen is an adv...

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