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Speaker for the Dead

Speaker for the Dead


by Orson Scott Card

Speaker for the Dead Quotes

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Community Quotes

"She told the Bishop that if the Pope declared her parents to be venerable, it would be the same as the Church saying that her parents hated her. The petition for canonization of her parents was pr...

Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

"It is another chance God has give us," declared Archcardinal Pio of Baia. "We can be redeemed for the destruction of the buggers." (Prologue.3)

Foreignness and the Other Quotes

Five days later they realized that the little forest-dwelling animals that they had called porquinhoes—piggies—were not animals at all. (Prologue.2)

Language and Communication Quotes

I'm not good at this constant game of taking information while trying to give nothing in return. (1.11)

Lies and Deceit Quotes

She would also destroy all the records of her work in this area, all the records of her parents' work that had led to her own discoveries. They would be gone. Even though it had been the focus of h...

Literature and Writing Quotes

"Such a poet," said Dona Crista. There was no irony in her voice; she meant it. "Do the piggies understand that we've sent our very best as our ambassador?" (1.86)

Sex Quotes

So she let him draw her down to the bed, where he clung to her tightly until in only a few minutes sleep relaxed him arms… She might have been thrust out of the garden because of her ignorant sin...

Warfare Quotes

"Through these Nordic layers of foreignness we can see that Ender was not a true xenocide, for when he destroyed the buggers, we knew them only as varelse; it was not until years later, when the or...

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