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Speaker for the Dead

Speaker for the Dead


by Orson Scott Card

Speaker for the Dead Resources


Hatrack River—The Official Website of Orson Scott Card

This is what the title says it is: Card's official web place. It includes video interviews, news and reviews, writing lessons, essays by Card, and lots of other things OSC.

Wiki to End all Enderverses

A user-created encyclopedia of all things Orson Scott Card, including lots and lots of entries on Speaker for the Dead. Again, it's user-created, so you want to be careful to double-check the info, but it's a great resource.

Movie or TV Productions


Though Ender's Game was adapted into a 2013 movie, there are no plans to film Speaker of the Dead. Card himself has said "'Speaker for the Dead' is unfilmable. It consists of talking heads, interrupted by moments of excruciating and unwatchable violence […] I don't want it to be filmed. I can't imagine it being filmed.'"

So, he isn't going to greenlight a film adaptation, is what Shmoop takes away from that.

Articles and Interviews

Ender's Game vs. Speaker for the Dead

A review which talks about how Ender changed between Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead.

Speaker for the Dead, Speak Some More

A short, positive review of Speaker for the Dead.

Speaker for the Dead, Shut Up

A review arguing that the novel excuses domestic abuse and that Ender is treated as a white male savior who knows better than everyone else.

Orson Scott Card Speaks, Painfully

An interviewer describes an extremely difficult interview with Card, touching on his attitudes towards violence, his virulently anti-gay opinions, and his views of Christianity and Mormonism.


Singing for the Dead

Musician Steven Padin sings "Speaker for the Dead," a song inspired by the book. Lots of earnest angst.

Orson Scott Card on the Character of Ender

Card talks about the character of Ender in relation to Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and others.

Orson Scott Card and the Gay Marriage Controversy

A news report on the controversy in which LGBT organizations urged a boycott of the film Ender's Game because of Card's opposition to gay marriage.


The Message of Ender's Game

An NPR interview with Gavin Hood, the director of the film Ender's Game.


What Do Piggies Look Like?

A piggie imagined by Pop Mihan, who drew the Speaker for the Dead graphic novel.

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