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Special Topics in Evolution

Special Topics in Evolution

Special Topics in Evolution: Have Some Primordial Soup True or False

1. Which is NOT evidence that life on Earth had an extraterrestrial origin? -> Comets contain organic material such as coal
2. Which is not a possible step in the scientifically proposed early origins of life? -> Coacervates develop DNA polymerase
3. Why isn't DNA a proposed molecule of early genetic material? -> All of the above
4. What was the purpose of the Miller-Urey experiment? -> To see if electrical energy was sufficient to catalyze chemical reactions to form biological molecules
5. Which is not true of radiocarbon dating? -> It can be used to date fossils that are millions of years old
6. Which of the following does not describe the "primordial soup?" -> Filled with coacervates
7. Which of the following is NOT a level of Linnean taxonomy? -> Group
8. Which of the following is NOT a flaw in the RNA world hypothesis? -> Meteorites are believed to collide with the Earth, disrupting possible "soups" from making life
9. What LEAST describes the origins of chloroplasts in cells? -> They were formed under the colonial theory
10. What does symbiotic theory propose? -> Organisms work best together