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Speciation: Noah's Ark Has Nothing On This True or False

1. What is the dominant mode of evolution according to the theory of phyletic gradualism? -> Cladogenesis
2. Reinforcement requires which type of mating? -> Assortative
3. Which of the following factors could NOT potentially lead to an Adaptive Radiation? -> Hybridization
4. Which condition least favors Hybrid Speciation? -> Sympatry
5. Assortative mating can be described as -> Like mates with dislike
6. If an organism is polyploid, it has multiple -> Offspring
7. Which evolutionary phenomenon is active, rather than passive? -> Allopatric isolation
8. Adaptive radiation is a classic example of -> Species dispersal
9. Hybrid speciation is impossible when       is present. -> Polyploidy
10. Reinforcement plays an important role in -> All of the above