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Speciation: Hopefully Hitchcock's The Birds Never Comes True True or False

1. Which is NOT an identifying characteristic of an adaptive radiation?Environment-trait matching
2. If two new sister species of birds do not recognize each others' mating songs, this is an example ofAcoustic incompatibility
3. According to the BSC, subspecies areHybrid species
4. When natural selection increases reproductive isolation between species it is referred to asIsolating selection
5. Reproductive Isolation preventsSpecies dispersal
6. Neither ligers nor mules can reproduce due toHybrid sterility
7. Prezygotic isolating mechanisms are usually synonymous with pre-mating barriers, with the exception ofGametic Isolation
8. Choose the correct label for the image below
Adaptive Valley

9. Which species concept is considered to be universal?None of the above
10. If two closely-related species fail to mate because one is nocturnal and the other is diurnal, this is likely a case ofTemporal Isolation