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1. Which is NOT an identifying characteristic of an adaptive radiation?→Environment-trait matching
2. If two new sister species of birds do not recognize each others' mating songs, this is an example of→Acoustic incompatibility
3. According to the BSC, subspecies are→Hybrid species
4. When natural selection increases reproductive isolation between species it is referred to as→Isolating selection
5. Reproductive Isolation prevents→Species dispersal
6. Neither ligers nor mules can reproduce due to→Hybrid sterility
7. Prezygotic isolating mechanisms are usually synonymous with pre-mating barriers, with the exception of→Gametic Isolation
8. Choose the correct label for the image below
→Adaptive Valley

9. Which species concept is considered to be universal?→None of the above
10. If two closely-related species fail to mate because one is nocturnal and the other is diurnal, this is likely a case of→Temporal Isolation
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