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Speciation: Hopefully Hitchcock's The Birds Never Comes True Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Speciation? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Which is NOT an identifying characteristic of an adaptive radiation?

Environment-trait matching
Common ancestry
Dispersal of new species away from parent species
Rapid speciation event(s)
Overlapping geographic distribution
Q. If two new sister species of birds do not recognize each others' mating songs, this is an example of

Acoustic isolation
Acoustic incompatibility
Ecological isolation
Sexual isolation
Postzygotic isolation
Q. According to the BSC, subspecies are

True species
Not true species
Incipient species
Hybrid species
Cryptic species
Q. When natural selection increases reproductive isolation between species it is referred to as

Selective isolation
Assortative Mating
Non-assortative mating
Isolating selection
Q. Reproductive Isolation prevents

Species dispersal
Gene flow
Secondary contact
Assortative mating
Q. Neither ligers nor mules can reproduce due to

Species incompatiblity
Hybrid sterility
Hybrid inviability
Hybrid breakdown
Hybrid speciation
Q. Prezygotic isolating mechanisms are usually synonymous with pre-mating barriers, with the exception of

Pollinator Isolation
Behavioral Isolation
Temporal Isolation
Postzygotic Isolation
Gametic Isolation
Q. Choose the correct label for the image below

Adaptive Valley
Fitness nader
Performance curve
Low reproduction rate
Hybrid fitness
Q. Which species concept is considered to be universal?

The Biological Species Concept
The Ecological Species Concept
The Phenetic Species Concept
The Recognition Species Concept
None of the above
Q. If two closely-related species fail to mate because one is nocturnal and the other is diurnal, this is likely a case of

Behavioral Isolation
Ecological Isolation
Circadian Isolation
Temporal Isolation
Geographic Isolation