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The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls

The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls


by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls Resources


The Victorian Web

The Victorian Web is a useful resource for any students of the Victorian period. It provides historical context, biographies of writers, and a few articles about specific works. This is a link to their page on Tennyson.

University of Rochester's Tennyson Page

The library at the University of Rochester has a very informative page on Tennyson—check it out!


Excerpt from Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida

This is an excerpt from a performance of Princess Ida, which was based on Tennyson's long narrative poem The Princess.

That'd Be a Lot of Candles

Here's a news report on Tennyson's 200th birthday celebration.


Frederick Delius's Musical Adaptation

This is a lovely musical adaptation of Tennyson's poem.

Another Musical Adaptation

This one is performed by the New Haven Community Chorus.


Victorians Had the Best Facial Hair!

Here's a photo of Tennyson in all his beardy glory.

A Portrait of Tennyson as a Young Man

This is from an oil painting of Tennyson before he grew out the beard.

Poster for Princess Ida

This is an early poster for a production of Princess Ida, the comic operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan that was based on Tennyson's The Princess.

Articles and Interviews

"Music and Meaning: 'Set the Wild Echoes Flying' in The Princess"

This is a short article about the different sound patterns in "The Splendour Falls" and several other similar songs from The Princess.


The Full E-version of The Princess

The Princess is a half-comic, half-serious narrative poem about women and higher education originally published in 1847. In 1850, Tennyson published The Princess again with several additional lyrical poems added into it. "The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls" is one of these shorter, add-on poems. The original, full-length poem is well worth a read—check it out!

The Facts on File Companion to British Poetry by William Flesch

This book has a useful section on "The Splendour Falls," along with lots of other nineteenth-century poems. It's available on Google Books or at your local library.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson by John Maynard

This book came out in 2003, and parts of it are available online through Google Books.

Movies & TV

Princess Ida

Made for TV in 2003, this is a version of the comic operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan that was based on The Princess by Tennyson.

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