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Spring and All

Spring and All


by William Carlos Williams

Spring and All Resources


William Carlos Williams "Spring and All" Poem Animation
Someone seems to have animated a photograph of WCW to make it look like he’s reading this poem aloud. The effect is creepy at first, then a little bit fascinating. It’s not his voice, sadly, but it is another poet – Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Levine.


Pennsound – William Carlos Williams Archive
A really good website with a ton of recordings of WCW reading his own poems. There are several versions of "Spring and All." Try a few of them – it’s kind of cool to listen to the ways the poem changes in different readings.


Williams Carlos Williams Eats Your Food Without Asking

At long last, a WCW Comic! This one is kind of whacky, but it riffs on "This is Just to Say," another big Williams hit.

The Figure Five in Gold

A painting, and the Williams poem that inspired it. It’s fun to see how another artist saw his work. Plus, as a bonus, you get to see a photo of WCW when he’s old and wearing a really goofy bowtie.


Poetry Foundation

This page gives a thoughtful, fairly in-depth biography of WCW. It also has a few of his poems that you can browse through.

On "Spring and All"

A Web page with excerpts of analysis from a bunch of really smart scholars.

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