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Character Role Analysis


Because Ferdinand is married to the object of Victor’s affection, he’s a shoo-in for antagonist. Simply put, he’s standing in Victor’s way. Ferdinand is pretentious, self-serving, tacky, and careless. Victor’s descriptions of this character are so venomous they border on the comic. You really can’t help but dislike Ferdinand when you read "Spring in Fialta."


Victor struggles with fate so much in "Spring in Fialta," we thought it would make a nice antagonist. Let’s give it a shot anyway. Fate in many ways conspires against Victor; it tantalizes him with chance moments with Nina, but always whisks her away before he can really form a meaningful relationship. The timing is always off: first she’s engaged; then she’s on the OTHER team in the party games; then she’s single, but Victor is engaged. It goes on and on. There’s also Nina’s death which, because of the way time is disrupted in "Spring in Fialta," is "fated" from the start to occur. Killing off the protagonist’s love interest is grade-A antagonist material, right?