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Spring in Fialta

Spring in Fialta


by Vladimir Nabokov

Segur Timeline and Summary

  • Our first mention of Segur is Nina’s declaration that he’s "around somewhere" with Ferdinand in Fialta.
  • When Segur finally approaches Nina and Victor (alongside Ferdinand), Victor describes him as "a lover of art and a perfect fool." He goes on to say that he can’t imagine why Ferdinand keeps him around.
  • Victor remembers Nina once exclaiming that "[Segur] is such a darling," but he feels this doesn’t "commit her to anything."
  • Segur starts complaining about the weather, which confuses Victor, who finds it a useless topic of conversation.
  • Segur stops with Ferdinand at a post office, leaving Victor alone with Nina.
  • When Nina and Victor stop by the yellow car, she informs him that it belongs to Segur.
  • Segur and Ferdinand approach after Victor has his premonition by the car.
  • We go back in time to the lunch that the four friends shared earlier that day; afterwards, Segur goes off with Ferdinand to make a phone call.
  • After Victor awkwardly declares and then retracts his love for Nina, she leaves in the car with Ferdinand and Segur.
  • Victor finds out later from reading the paper that the yellow car was in an accident. Nina was killed, but Segur and Ferdinand escaped with only minor injuries.