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The SSAT might sound like a familiar exam, in the same way you feel like you've maybe heard of your biology teacher Mr. Frankenstein before, but it's actually all about helping you apply to the independent school of your dreams. Learn how to put your best Shmoop forward with our guide to the Upper Level Writing Sample, Quantitative section, Verbal section, and Reading Comprehension section.

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What's Inside our Online SSAT Upper Level Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Metaphorically Hulk-smash the Upper Level SSAT with our comprehensive review and specifically designed strategies for the Writing, Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading Comprehension sections. Learn why the SSAT is the elder statesperson of standardized tests, how to untangle the too-complicated-for-Facebook relationships in the Analogies section, and what "Quantitative" really means. (Spoiler alert: it means "math.")

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

The Upper Level SSAT exam might not be as grueling as some of the other behemoths you'll encounter in your educational career, but never underestimate any exam that splits its math problems into two different sections. Get your head in the game by taking our practice exams.

Practice Drills

Exam is to ace as drills is to

(A) Practice

(B) Practice

(C) Practice

(D) Practice

(E) Practice


Not sure if you're more spectacular at synonyms or analogies? Can't decide if you need to spend some quality time with Reading Comprehension passages or Percents and Ratios? Take our diagnostic exam to figure out what's what.

I SSAT on the SSAT once and crushed it. Review with Shmoop, and you will too!

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