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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 10 Summary

  • Leo finally agrees to let Kevin interview Stargirl on "Hot Seat." Kevin asks her, and she agrees. No one ever turns down an offer to be on their show. Hey, it's a chance to be on TV.
  • This kind of surprises Leo, and he wonders if Stargirl may be a bit more like everyone else than he originally assumed.
  • They are totally pumped for this interview, and plan a month-long advertising campaign to promote her appearance on February thirteenth.
  • But then a few things happen that get in the way of that plan:
  • (1) In the courtyard of their school, they have a giant plywood bulletin board in the shape of a roadrunner that the students use to post messages. One day, there is a paper with an unusual version of the Pledge of Allegiance. Whoever wrote it takes great liberties with the actual words. One part reads "with justice and black bean burritos for all." Whoever pinned this to the bulletin board claims that this is how Stargirl says the Pledge. Leo doesn't notice anyone getting upset about this. In fact, several people begin to say the pledge this way themselves.
  • (2) Anna Grisdale's grandfather dies, and Stargirl attends the funeral and the wake. She even gets visibly upset by crying. This does not go over well with Anna or her mother who realize that she didn't even know him. Mrs. Grisdale is very angry about this and throws Stargirl out of their house. Uh oh.
  • (3) Danny Pike, a nine-year-old boy, crashes his bike into a mailbox, breaking his leg. There is a big celebration when they bring him home from the hospital, and a photographer from the newspaper snaps some pics to document the occasion. A few days later, one of the pictures appears on the bulletin board at school and someone has circled a small face in the crowd of people there. It is Stargirl, of course. Not only did she attend the coming-home party of a boy she doesn't know, but also it is pretty obvious to the students that she is the person who gave the boy a brand-new bicycle. The family has no idea where the bike came from, and they end up throwing it out.
  • These were all small incidents that people noticed, but it wasn't as bad as what was to come during basketball cheerleading season. Leo sure likes to foreshadow, doesn't he?

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