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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 13 Summary

  • After the silly start, they are ready to start the interview.
  • Kevin starts by asking about her name. He comments that it is unusual, and she responds that it isn't unusual to her.
  • A juror with a nasty tone asks her what was wrong with the name her parents gave her.
  • She tells them nothing is wrong with the name her parents gave her, which is Susan, but she renamed herself when she didn't feel like Susan anymore. Then she tells them all the names she has given herself over the years.
  • Another jury member rudely asks if her next name will be Dog Turd. Cool it, buddy.
  • Kevin jumps in to try to change the tone. He asks for clarification about when she changes her name, and she responds that she changes her name when she feels like she has worn out her name.
  • Um, moving on. A member of the jury asks her about her revised version of the Pledge of Allegiance, and then calls her a traitor.
  • Jury rule violation! Jury rule violation! Remember, jury members are only allowed to ask questions, not comment.
  • The next question, from a girl named Becca Rinaldi, is about why Stargirl cheers for the opposite team. She responds that she does this because she is a cheerleader. Sounds about right, right?
  • That juror calls her a "dumb cluck." The tone is getting nastier, and they are clearly throwing the rules out the window.
  • Unfortunately, a distracted Mr. Robineau misses this name calling incident.
  • Stargirl asks if they ever want the other team to be happy, too, and the jury answers no, which surprises our girl. She follows up by asking Becca if she always wants to be the winner. Becca says yes, and can't understand why Stargirl doesn't just root for Mica.
  • But you see, Becca, Stargirl roots for everybody.
  • Kevin tries again to turn the tone more positive by suggesting that every district should have someone like Stargirl to cheer for everyone.
  • Just then, a jury member interrupts to call Stargirl a "nut roll."
  • A well-meaning Kevin scolds him and tells him that the jury isn't allowed to comment, thank you very much.
  • All kinds of questions and accusations are flying around now. Why did Stargirl stop homeschooling? Why does she meddle into other people's business?
  • Hillari gets the mike. Dun dun dun.
  • In a fit of nastiness, she calls Stargirl all sorts of names, and she tells her she must be from Mars. She tells Stargirl to get out of their school, and accuses her of acting like this just to get attention to get a boyfriend. Yikes.
  • She has got all kinds of cruel questions for our girl:
  • Why can't you just be normal, Stargirl?
  • Why don't you wear makeup?
  • And on.
  • And on.
  • And on.
  • It's a mob scene, in the truest sense of the word.
  • That is, until Mr. Robineau flips on the light and tells them that the show is over.
  • We hate to say it Mr. Robineau, but you should have done that ten minutes ago.

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