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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 14 Summary

  • Mr. Robineau destroys the tape of the episode, and it is never aired. Thank goodness.
  • Of course, everyone talks about what happened on the show at school, but Stargirl does not seem affected.
  • Meanwhile, there is an important game the day after the "Hot Seat" interview.
  • The team has advanced through post-season play. They are now at the State level competition. The Big Show.
  • The team they play is from Sun Valley and the fans for Mica are as enthusiastic as ever.
  • Stargirl only cheers for Mica at this game, which makes Leo feel better inside.
  • Unfortunately, Mica is losing the game, mostly due to the fact that Sun Valley has a really amazing and huge player named Ron Kovac.
  • Just when Mica has fallen far behind, Ron Kovac has a terrible fall and breaks his foot.
  • As everyone stands and stares, Stargirl immediately runs to Kovac and tries to comfort him as others attend to his foot.
  • As they take him out to the ambulance, people cheer. Leo wonders why; is it to honor the injured player or because they're glad he's not in the game anymore?
  • Sure enough, without Kovac to contend with, Mica is able to win the game easily.
  • The next game is against Glendale, whose team has a ton of excellent players, not just the one like Sun Valley.
  • As it becomes clear that Mica will lose, the Mica fans are totally bummed. We're talking devastated. Girls are crying; boys are booing; everyone is casting blame on officials. Let's just say that sportsmanship is not their strong suit.
  • During all this hullabaloo, Stargirl seems unaffected. She turns her back on the game and continues to cheer as enthusiastically as ever.
  • All of a sudden, someone throws a tomato at Stargirl's face. Seriously? Seriously?
  • Of course all the people in the stands laugh and cheer at this.
  • The next day, Leo finds a card that apparently had been hidden in his notebook for a while. It is a Valentine's Day card from Stargirl with the message "I LOVE YOU" inside. The plot thickens.

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