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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 15 Summary

  • Leo does some investigating to see if others received similar cards from her. Stargirl could be the kind of girl who throws that phrase around. But nope. Her homeroom classmates received some cards, but none like this one.
  • Kevin asks Leo why he wants to know about old Valentine's Day cards, but Leo lies that he is just wondering.
  • The same day, the day after the tomato incident, Stargirl seems different, somehow. She just sits and talks with girls at her table at lunch. Nothing quirky, strange, or fun.
  • On her way out, she approaches Leo's table, and Leo panics. He gets up and tries to get out fast, but she calls "Hi, Leo" to him on the way out. He pretends not to hear.
  • At home, he tells his parents that he has to work on a project and spends the night thinking about Stargirl and rereading her letter. He lies in moonlight for hours thinking about her. Ah, what a little moonlight can do.
  • The next day, he goes over to Archie's house with a gaggle of other students. They give Archie the scoop on the tomato incident and the disappointment of losing the game.
  • Archie, armchair philosopher that he is, connects this to the animal skull he just happens to have in his lap (we'll let the creep factor slide on this one).
  • He tells how the animal that owned the skull also lost his championship game due to a stronger opposition.
  • They all stare at the skull for long silent minutes.

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