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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 16 Summary

  • Monday at lunch, Stargirl approaches Leo's table again, but this time he doesn't run.
  • She comes over and asks for a "thank you" for the card; he thanks her, and she walks away. Don't you just love how bold she is?
  • Kevin, in true best friend fashion, starts teasing Leo about Stargirl's obvious crush on him.
  • Leo pretends to have no idea what his buddy is talking about, but he realizes that when she smiled at him, he was really affected by it. Looks like those feelings are mutual, as if we hadn't already seen that coming.
  • In school that day, he hears rumors that Stargirl has been kicked off the cheerleading squad for being a traitor.
  • Later on, after school, Leo decides to walk over to her house, which is two miles away.
  • Her house seems very normal. It's not at all where he would expect her to live.
  • By the time he arrives, it's dark out. He walks back and forth, up and down the sidewalk across the street from her house. Eventually, he works up the nerve to move in a little closer, but gasp—
  • The door opens. He panics and hides behind the car in the driveway.
  • As he is crouched down, he hears Stargirl's voice ask him about the time he followed her before. So she did know he was following her around town that one day. How embarrassing.
  • They talk for a while in a very cute, witty way. He ends up holding her rat, Cinnamon. The whole conversation takes place in the dark with him hiding behind the car. It's a bit awkward.
  • Cinnamon jumps on Leo's shoulder at one point and this freaks him out, but she tells him that Cinnamon won't hurt him and that the rat really likes his ears. Gee, thanks?
  • He sits there and lets the rat lick his ears and scrape stuff out of his ears with his teeth. Gross.
  • After a bit more chatting, Stargirl calls for Cinnamon to come over to her, and they go in the house.
  • He really doesn't want to leave, but Leo gets up from his position behind the car and walks home.

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